Sigma is Cyprus’s leading chain of bakeries with more than 15 stores and recognized by the International Standards Organization.

As a Cypriot run family business, the beloved bakeries have successfully marked 100 years in operation.

Founded in 1922 and establishing its tradition for 4 generations now, it has grown into a leading chain of selected pastries & sweets and operates with more than 15 stores of international standards in the provinces of Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos.

Always remaining loyal to family recipes, Sigma Bakeries continue to produce traditional confections

Their range of products include freshly prepared confectionaries and deliciously baked goods, along with the recently added nutritious series Nutricorner; which was inspired by the ever-changing dietary needs and includes nourishing delicacies for vegetarian and vegan diets

With a team of 350 employees, they support the Cypriot economy and regardfully take care of the community by improving their quality of life through natural and healthy meal options

The property where one of the bakeries is accommodated in the Zakaki area of Limassol consists of 497 sq.m.

The ground floor comprises of the production space, auxiliary sections, as well as the display area serving customers on a daily basis, while the upper floor operates as offices.

Parking spaces are found outside the store for direct access to the bakery.